Today was much more than a Grand Opening was a dream come true!

Thank you once again to everyone for a terrific grand opening. Thank you to all our staff for an outstanding job. Thank you to our sponsors for coming to opening day and helping to make it such a success.

Of course, a very special thank you to Dalton Pompey from the Toronto Blue Jays for joining us for such a special day. The response we received was overwhelming and certainly exciting for all of us involved.

GRAND Opening - January 3, 2015
This day though would not have been possible without the support of our families and friends who have put countless hours of their time to make sure our opening day was going to even happen on time.

They unselfishly committed their time to help us and for that all we can say is THANK YOU and that we are forever grateful.

We are looking forward to being the premiere baseball facility in the community and want to assure everyone that your experience.


We offer instructors that have a love for the game.


23,000 sq.ft. facility allows athletes the opportunity to better their game.


PBAC can help athletes reach toward perfection. Contact us today!