Playball Academy Canada Instructional Services

Professional grade is our goal when you sign up to train at Playball Academy Canada. An instructor will watch you hit, throw, or catch, and then develop the best drills to improve your players skills. If you're a beginner wanting to learn how to play the game, or an advanced player trying to get to the next level, Playball Academy Canada can help you achieve your goals with our step by step process.

Playball Academy Canada prides itself on being the number 1 resource for instructional services in Waterloo Region. We are connected with Pitching, Hitting, Infield, Outfield and Catching instructors with Professional, NCAA, NJCAA, OUA and NAIA playing/ coaching experience.

Contact us today to request getting in with one of our instructors.

Velo Pitching
Velo PitchingContact Tyler Soucie at for any pitching needs. Or visit his website at

Tori Taylor Softball
Tori Taylor SoftballContact Tori Taylor at if you're interested in softball instruction. Or visit her website at

T N Defense
T N DefenseContact Trevor Nyp at if you're interested in infield specific programs.

Tina Andreana
Tina Andreana Pitching InstructionContact Tina Andreana at if you're interested in Softball Pitching specific programs.

Interested in becoming an Playball Academy instruction team member or partner,
contact Trevor Nyp at .