Since joing Playball Academy shortly after it opened our son has had incredible experiences with Trevor and other coaching staff. The knowledge and skill level of those instructors are top notch. Being very technical, Trevor has raised our son's level of play considerably with both hitting and fielding.

More importantly, Trevor has inspired our son to become even better and more baseball savvy which in turn has proven to be very effective on the field. On top of the great instructing staff, the facility itself is fantastic. I would definitely recommend PBA to anyone looking to improve their skills and to have as well.



Any parent who has sat nervously watching their child compete wants their young athlete to take the good and bad that comes in sport with confidence, skill, and hopefully a smile. I am very grateful to say that, thanks to PlayBall Academy, our son, Jack, does just that.

We brought Jack to work with Trevor to help him develop a systematic approach to improving his overall baseball skills. The results were incredible. Jack’s enjoyment of the game increased, his skill level was noted by even opposing team’s coaching staff, and he shot up from AA through AAA and now is playing elite ball.

As a former National coach in an Olympic discipline, I can say with confidence that the Playball approach is solid, effective, and in accordance with the most current knowledge in long tem athlete development. Just as importantly, as a parent, I am happy to see Jack connected to his passion for baseball and backed by his new, second family at PBAC. We look forward to the future!

Andy Hourahine


We approached Playball Academy in the fall looking for help for our son Mark at the plate. He had been struggling the last few seasons, batting near the bottom of the order and striking out a lot. Playball teamed him up with Luke Baker. We didn't know much about Luke other then what we read about him beside his picture on the wall. The results we saw this past season were tremendous. Our son took to Luke right away, listened to everything he had to say and couldn't wait to come back for every session. Luke taught Mark how to be a better batter. Mark learned techniques he wasn't aware of and helped transform him into a good batter. Mark had an amazing season, he went from bottom of the order to his teams lead off batter and helped his team win their first OBA Championship!

Luke really interacts well with his students and is an excellent teacher. Mark is excited to work with Luke again in the future!

Derek and Nancy Habermehl


Our son had a personal goal of playing more competitive baseball. He had always had very well-intentioned parent volunteers as coaches but never a true coach that had baseball and coaching experience. We spent a number of sessions at PBA with Luke where he started out back to basics and worked his way up to more technical coaching with our son. Luke learned quickly that our son was a 'thinker' and that he broke everything down analytically and needed to know the why's of what he was being asked to do. Luke would answer the questions in a way that our son understood and then found a way to have him learn the skill without over thinking it. Our son started to believe in himself as a baseball player. Once he had made the more competitive team, and had a few games under his belt, our son asked to return to see Luke with some very specific things that he knew he needed to work on.

We returned, Luke listened to him explain his struggles and then proceeded to work on those skills with him. The baseball player that we now see on the field is a different player that initially walked into the doors of PBA. He has developed a sense of confidence on the field, he is more aggressive towards the ball and believes in his defensive skills, he understands the 'whys' of what he is doing, and can hit the ball like we've never seen. Our experience with each person we have encountered at PBA has been positive. They are respectful and kind and the coaching is wonderful.

Thanks to Luke and PBA, our son's personal skills are beginning to meet his inner passion for baseball.

Rochelle and Brian Hutton


Luke Baker is obviously a tremendous ball player, but he's probably an even better coach. My son struggled with hitting at the beginning of the travel ball season, but working with Luke brought his batting average up to over .600 and he helped form the core of the batting order. Throwing and fielding were also markedly improved. Most importantly my son's confidence soared as did his love for the game. Luke's patient and systematic approach, timely feedback, and baseball philosophy all helped make it happen.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Luke anyone looking to improve their baseball skills.

Curtis Krawchuk


As a teacher, coach and a parent of two boys 8 and 9 my wife and I would like to thank PlayBall Academy Canada for creating such a dedicated, professional, enjoyable environment for our children to advance their skills and enhance their love of the game. We are not only members of the Academy but our boys have taken private and semi-private lessons. The instructors demonstrated not only superior knowledgeable but the ability to simplify complex movements in a positive learning environment. It has been a pleasure watching our boys grow as baseball players and sportsmen.

Thank you PlayBall!

Stefan Barton


We could not be happier with the experience that our son Logan (7 years old) has had at PlayBall Academy! This facility is a great addition to the community for anyone looking to improve their baseball skill level in a positive environment. The facilities are fantastic and the same could be said for the entire staff. Logan has participated in the March Break Camp, the Panthers Baseball Camp, and has taken one on one lessons as well. Every experience has seen him walk out with more confidence in his ability and a big smile.

In terms of the one on one lessons, Logan has been working with Tanner Nivins. Tanner has done a fantastic job of developing strong fundamentals with Logan (hitting and fielding) while keeping things fun and making sure Logan understands what is being taught. Logan always looks forwards to his lessons with Tanner. It is great to see that there are such high calibre staff at PlayBall like Tanner who are available to provide the instruction to young players who want to become better.

Thank you Tanner and Thank you PlayBall!



Tori Taylor is an EXCELLENT instructor at Playball Academy Canada!

My daughters had the privilege of meeting Tori in January of 2015 and have been attending clinics, camps and lessons with her ever since.

Tori instructs with PASSION, KNOWLEDGE and SKILL. She strives to pull the best out of the player by pushing them with positivity and encouragement. Tori not only teaches how to be a better player but a stronger person as well by building self confidence in those she works with.

For my daughters, Tori has been an outstanding ROLE MODEL! She has taught them not only the art and rules of the game but has also focussed on the development of their ability to play at higher levels and she has inspired them to want to learn more!

Tori Taylor not only has a gift in her ability to play softball and a love of the game but she has dedicated herself to share this gift and passion with those she works with! When it comes to choosing Tori Taylor as an instructor at Playball Academy Canada, you have definitely hit a HOME RUN!

Barb Shiell


I have a 15 year old daughter that has been playing rep fastball for several years.

I accessed Play Ball Academy soon after it opened. We have used Tori as a hitting instructor over the course of the past off season and through this ball season. Right from the onset, both my daughter and I were impressed with Tori's ability to identify areas to be corrected and had a number of strategies to work on these. Tori impressed me with her knowledge of the game and specifically the mechanics involved in various aspects of the game. Tori is very professional and has strong interpersonal skills. She quickly established a strong working relationship with my daughter. She ended each session with a review and provided training strategies to work on at home.

When I saw a camp being run this summer with Tori as head instructor my daughter was eager to attend. We look forward to continuing instructional sessions with Tori this fall and winter off season.

We have referred several other girls to Tori and all have been equally impressed and happy with her instruction.

In closing, My experience has been that Tori's passion for the sport as well as her knowledge make her a great instructor for all levels of skill.


Taking lessons at PlayBall made a big difference for me. Maria taught me how to warm up with better technique.

Most importantly she introduced me to a new pitching style that improved my accuracy and speed. She explained the importance of forward motion and exploding into the pitch. After taking just three lessons I was pitching straighter with more strength and speed and I got more strikeouts after taking the lessons than I had all season.

Maria made me tired. She made me sweat. She made me work my butt off... But it was all worth it!

Julia, Waterloo Ghosts, Age 11



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